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Cats who play are naturally more confident in their territorial ownership, meaning they will be happier and better behaved. The Jackson Galaxy™ Collection by Petmate® taps directly into their natural instincts to bring out their best.

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Our goal with the Jackson Galaxy line is to provide products and information to you right at your fingertips to help you and your family enjoy every moment shared with your cat.

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Should You Allow Your Pets in the Bed?
It’s a hot topic for debate among pet owners: to let your pet in bed, or not to let your pet in bed. A survey conducted by American Pet Products Manufacturers Association found that about 42% of Americans let their dogs sleep in bed with them. There’s not officially a right or wrong answer, but there is a right choice for you. There are pros and cons, but it’s really a matter of preference, or if you have any health concerns - such as allergies. Below you will find a variety of information to help you make an informed decision regarding whether or not to allow your furry friend the privilege of sleeping in your bed. read more >

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Cat Who Lost Both Ears Becomes Instagram Star

Otitis, who lost both of his ears due to a condition called Otitis externa, has become a star on Instagram, with more than 17,000 people following his adventures.

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Cute Video: Cat Trust Falls Into Owner's Lap

We've seen dogs to trust falls, but cats? That's a new one! Watch as Didga, who takes part in other un-cat-like activities like skateboarding, trust fall into her owner's lap.

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"Eufloria": Catnip Isn’t the Only Plant Scent Cats May Love

A recent study revealed that catnip isn't the only plant cats tend to enjoy. From silver vine to honeysuckle, learn which plants your feline friend may go crazy for.

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